The Patent Process

    Getting a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can be a complex process, especially for startups and small businesses, where inventors may be unfamiliar with patenting.
    BPA works with clients during each step of the patenting process to protect clients' inventions.

    It is important manage the patent process carefully to avoid accidentally making statements that reduce the coverage of any patent that is issued by the USPTO.

     BPA recommends working closely with your attorney to receive clear analyses of USPTO correspondence, and to prepare concise responses to the USPTO during patent prosecution to protect the coverage of patents that are issued by the USPTO.

Patent Process Overview

1. Determine the type of intellectual property protection that you want. 
2. For those who need a patent, determine whether your invention is patentable.
3. Determine what kind of patent do you need?
4. Get ready to apply.
5. Prepare and submit your initial application.
6. Work with your examiner.
7. Receive your approval.
8. Maintain your patent.